P3 Duct – Definition & Benefits

A Duct board, also called P3, is a phenolic, rigid insulation panel that is sandwiched between two layers of aluminum foil. It has been at the forefront of the development of ducts.

This is the only pre-insulated duct in the world that has gone through the LCC (Life Cycle Costing) analysis and has shown a guarantee and quantifiable energy saving. You can get more information about the p3 insulation via https://ductus.com.au/p3-insulation-vs-alpactive.

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The only water-expanded (Hydrotec) eco-friendly duct which is made without the necessity of gas and with GWP = 0 and ODP = 0, and only using an EDP declaration (Environmental Product Declaration).

The benefits of using P3 :

Thermal insulation: It provides low thermal conductivity, which reduces the possibility of condensation.

Friction loss: Linear friction losses are limited due to the small number of flanges and reduced surface roughness.

Energy savings: The best thermal insulation and airtight seal allow the most efficient use of air handling unit capacity, resulting in lower operating costs.

Airtight seal: The airtightness in P3 ducts can be eight times higher than in conventional ducts.

Lightweight: The lightweight allows a reduction of the weight placed on structures and supporting points, as well as the work costs, and the materials required to construct.

Construction ease: The possibility of making ducts in the workshop or directly on the job site benefits transportation costs.

So, Protect Your Home and Your Comfort, with P3 Insulation today.