Brief Introduction of ESD Control System

It is a great fact that the field of electronics has become an indispensable part of our lives.Today various kinds of electronic-based devices are hanging around us all the time. 

There is no doubt that in the days to come, the electronic components will continue to become faster and more powerful as compared to these days just because of the increasing rate of progress in this field.

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The electrostatic discharge, which is commonly known as ESD is a momentary electric current, come all of a sudden that flows between two objects that have different electrical potentials

Electrostatic discharge can be generated anytime, and if the damage is in the initial state, your device may pass the test procedures as well. 

But it was not the end of the world because the ESD products are a very good solution for this purpose because these are centralised ESD products, making the whole working environment static-free and improving the performance and lifetime of electronic devices, appliances and tools.

But there will be most likely that the precious electronic based components, devices will be damaged. It is clear that these results are not desired by all and sundry but the question arises from where the damage comes from and how to get rid of this problem. 

The answer of these questions is very simple as the main cause of this problem is the creation of ESD and the best solution to overcome this problem is to utilise ESD products more than usual, especially in an environment where the work is based on the electronic field.

A Guide to Finishing Walls

There is no question that many homeowners who want to renovate their basement will look for a basement finishing wall partition similar to Owens Corning system. The Owens Corning’s basement system consists of insulated wall panels that are resistant to fire, mold and moisture. 

This product also has the advantage of being easy to install and easy to dismantle the case there is a need to examine the concrete walls and foundation. The main reason why many property owners want basement finishing walls partition similar to Owens Corning system is the fact that it is moisture resistant. 

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This means that mold and mildew is not possible to establish a colony on the wood panel.Also, there should be no leakage from water pipes in the walls before you install those wood panels. Waterproofing must be provided prior to the wooden panel to be installed.

In addition to acting as an effective insulation will minimise the electric bill for the HVAC system, the wood panel is also flame resistant. 

With this isolation, it will be easier to maintain the temperature, thus reducing the amount of electric power required. Additionally, this panel also serves as an acoustic layer that absorbs sound to avoid buzzing.