How to add the new animated stickers to Telegram?

The new version of Telegram adds an important feature to this messaging client: animated stickers. Not to be confused with animated GIFs as they are vector animations that take up very little space. 

Animated stickers can be grouped into packs, similar to the previous standard aesthetic images. We told you about the first animated sticker pack available and how to make your own. However, note that this is not an easy task. 

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Image Source: Google

As Telegram explains in its official release, these are TGS vector animations that can currently only be created using certain Adobe After Effects plugins. 

What does it mean? While the standard is open, the tools to generate it are not, so there is currently no way to export animations with other animation tools using vector images.

However, the first sticker pack has been created and now you can add it to your client as usual. In fact, you can find them within the app itself by tapping the Add Animation button, selecting the Stickers tab, tapping the gear icon, and going to the Up Stickers section.