What Is The Use Of Duct Boards In Your Property

Ducts are commonly used for HVAC (heating, air conditioning and ventilation). Their primary function is to function as a channel for air. They play a crucial role to ensure the proper indoor air quality and temperature. 

Because of this, the ducts need to be able to withstand external temperatures and keep the air that flows through them at the same temperature. 

To achieve it, the ducts are built of or covered by insulation material.You can also find best quality duct board panels & duct board insulation at Ductus for your property.

duct board

Galvanized steel and aluminum are the most popular materials to construct ductwork due to their affordability. But, they can be very heavy, especially when mild steel galvanized. This is why some companies employ polyurethane.

Polyurethane (PU) is a form of resin made from plastic. It is able to be made flexible or rigid. It's extremely versatile and is utilized not just in industrial items but also in a variety of items for the end-user, like mattresses, shoes and tires.

Polyurethane is widely used because of its insulation properties. At home, duct boards made of polyurethane are found in refrigerators and freezers. If you live in a modern house, the walls might be lined with polyurethane duct board or panels to keep heat from escaping during the colder months, and also to keep the indoor air cool in the summer and warmer seasons. 

The most common commercial and residential building spaces that are covered with polyurethane duct boards include cavity walls, floors, roofs, boiler and pipe areas and air ducts that are large.