How Much Trash Will Your Rental Dumpster Hold? In Racine

Has there ever been any doubt that when you start a project to demolish or repair your home, you will end up with a lot of trash? Since the two are usually not mutually exclusive, debris will likely get into your ears soon! The solution is simple: rent a trash can. 

Once you've made that choice, all you have to do is figure out how much to throw in your trash! You can choose a local dumpster rental in Racine.

Garbage and trash can rentals are available in a variety of sizes giving you a choice no matter what project you are working on. Since renting a larger container costs less, you can save money. 

On the other hand, with larger projects, you won't be sitting in your front yard with piles of trash and debris. Most companies will allow you to fill the bin to the top as long as they can cover the shipping carton; However, there are certain weight requirements that you have to meet and these are set before you can rent.

The 10-meter bin is designed to hold up to 2 tons of trash, which is perfect for small cleaning or remodeling projects. 

The fifteen-meter bin can hold up to 3 tonnes of waste and debris and is usually the container of choice for kitchen and basement repairs, cleaning construction, and HVAC projects. Twenty-meter bins are the most popular type of dumpster and trash can rental and can hold up to 4 tons of debris-about 10 loads of pickup "stuff".