Rules Every Drone Pilot Should Follow

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Here are a few rules drone pilots follow on a daily basis.

  1. Go Slow – Not just for cinematic look and feel, flying your drone slow helps to get more control of your drone. Moreover, slowly flying your drone makes the project valuable.
  2. Do not Rush – When you are in an amazing location, don’t be in rush. There are chances of facing unexpected obstacles at the location. Ensure you fly your drone in a steady pace to make your footage look smooth and eye-catching.
  3. Stick Control – During the time of flying your drone, it shouldn’t be jerky. Make sure you have control over your sticks to avoid bad video results.
  4. Plan Ahead – At the shoot location, always make a plan first instead of flying directly. Make sure to look and inspect the area helping you to look for interfering things and obstacles before flying. This will help you to save time while flying and reduce any form of stress on the batteries. Moreover, this will help you to get better flying results while capturing the best video footage for your project.
  5. Try Shots Similar to Movies – Get some inspiration by watching drone footage from movies. This will help you to get similar kind of shots for your project. For instance; you can fly your drone forward and upward simultaneously along with using the gimbal of your drone’s camera.

Based on these set of rules, you as a drone pilot must follow them to get the best results. Finally, ensure you do drone inspections in Perth before you start flying.