How to Make Your Own Calendar

When you're selecting your theme and photos, it never hurts to be as artful as possible. Yes, you can have a calendar that features lots of posed, smile, and say cheese photos of friends or family but why?

Perhaps you want to start early in the year by resolving to take candid, funny shots or photos of little things that your audience might otherwise forget.

Here is your chance to get creative. If you are feeling stumped, feel free to borrow ideas from some of your favorite photographers. You can also add local event calendar at

Image Source: Google

If you have a photo-editing software program such as Photoshop or Picture It, your creativity has just begun.

You don't necessarily have to Photoshop people or items into your photos, but by working with color balances, contrast and brightness; you can create some great and artful effects that take your photos out of the realm of the backyard snapshot.

Create Calendar. There are a few different software programs that can help you do this, and most make it as easy as dropping your photos into a template.

In case you are not too fussy, MS Word has some simple templates for calendars, and you should also be able to find a number of them online.

Take your time here and find a template that you really like. You can also simply take your photos down to your local print and copy shop and see what they have to offer, though this might take many of the DIY fun out of it.