The Treatment Protocol of All on Four Implants

If you lose your teeth, it can be a challenging situation for you to resume normal activities such as eating, smile, or even speak correctly. Traditionally, it was restored with removable partial dentures that will clip onto the remaining teeth.

But with the advancement in dental implantology, it is possible to replace missing teeth and gives a natural look and function of teeth. The end result is also convenient and does not affect the remaining teeth because it does not involve the use of buckles attached to your teeth that can promote tooth decay in teeth.  You can know about all on four implants from

An upper and/or lower full-arch restoration can be implemented in just one surgical visit with All on Four dental implant procedure by which you select in the center of dental implants. The entire process uses four implants with implants again tend to increase bone-to-implant, it further allows the loading of immediate and functioning tooth substitution.

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All Four Treatment Protocol

All four implants treatment protocols are categorized into three stages mentioned stages as follows:

  • Diagnostic Phase: If you are among those patients who have missing teeth or wearing dentures, then you can indeed be a candidate for the procedure all-on-4. The dentist will use a variety of diagnostic technology involving 3D imaging, CT scans, etc. to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure.
  • Stage Surgery: For a number of cases, the surgical phase includes extraction, bone grafting, and bone re-contouring and the surgical insertion of four dental implants and/or the upper arch your lower. These patients receive dental implants dental implant-secured immediately after surgery in just one visit.
  • The Restorative Phase: Phase restorative usually begins 16 weeks post initial operation when the implant has been completely incorporated in the jawbone. Your dentist may also schedule a visit tailoring the standard 1-2 weeks later to ensure that everything works, looks, and feels exactly as it should.