Should You Buy Backlinks?

Buying backlinks can often be considered a necessity if you're an online business owner who wants to succeed on the Internet. These low-quality backlinks are almost always the result of desperation when site owners attempt to buy backlinks with too little concern for the quality of links they're buying. Given the enormous time and effort which people invest in building site traffic, the sometimes sudden negative consequences resulting from purchasing poor quality backlinks are less known, but to the buying mind, is no less upsetting. It would appear that buying backlinks is akin to shooting yourself in the foot, what may seem to be an advantage at a later point can ultimately prove to be a disadvantage in the long term.

Buying backlinks with nofollow attributes is one way of ensuring that you get the most benefit for your money. Using nofollow links saves you from the hassle of having to constantly monitor nofollow backlinks yourself and is, therefore, a good idea for the newbie Internet marketer or even the seasoned marketer looking to expand their presence on the Web. What is a nofollow link? Simply put, it's a link whose target resource is not the actual page where the link leads to, instead, it points to some other location on the Internet, usually some content or other website owned by the buyer.

This has a number of advantages associated with it, the main one being that you don't have to worry about getting penalized by Google. When you use Google as your main search engine of choice, Google will always give you results using its own internal algorithms. This means that the quality links you buy from Google (a process known as "Googleing") are in line with the results Google shows you. Buying backlinks from another source with a nofollow attribute has one main disadvantage, however, the search engines will not factor it into your Google results. So what do you do in this situation?

In order to use nofollow links effectively, you need to buy backlinks from websites that are relevant to yours. If you were looking to buy backlinks from big high traffic websites, such as those that have a Google PageRank of 4 or higher, then this would be the ideal situation to be in with the website owners having an additional incentive to allow your links on their website. These websites often own large amounts of web traffic and, thanks to this fact, their website ranking positions may not fluctuate that much from one day to the next. In fact, if you were to buy backlinks from these types of websites, it would be a guaranteed success because they would almost certainly have high website ranking positions to prove it.

The problem is that many websites don't operate under this type of circumstances. These websites have one major disadvantage, the fact that a large amount of their web traffic is generated through link schemes. Link schemes are where you pay another party (a website owner) to put your link on their website so that you can then link back to their website. These link schemes can be hugely successful and allow many websites to generate a high volume of visitors, but they also have a number of disadvantages that we will now look at. Understanding these disadvantages will allow you to use nofollow backlink schemes in a smarter way.

The biggest disadvantage of buying backlinks from many websites is that your SEO ranking will be decreased. Link building services tend to place a lot of weight on a website's inbound links. This means that the more links there are pointing at your website, the more popular it will be. Of course, this popularity can only be a good thing. However, for SEO ranking, many websites will tend to overvalue their inbound links and actually end up devaluing the value of your links causing Google to lower your ranking.

Another disadvantage of buying backlinks is that you may not necessarily end up with a high rank. In order to achieve a high ranking, you would need to buy many links, therefore giving your ranking a downside. In fact, many website owners will often use this strategy because they believe that by buying backlinks, they will get a good ranking but if they actually do buy backlinks, they may find that their ranking has been lowered due to other factors such as their linking strategy, the quality of the backlinks and their link structure. Therefore, when you are considering buying backlinks, it is important to think about whether you really need to buy them and how much they are worth. You should also make sure that you are not devaluing your website in order to achieve a high ranking, and think about whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages before committing to purchasing backlinks.

Overall, it can be very beneficial to buy backlinks from a website that you are associated with or are aware of as an internet marketer. However, you need to remember that it can sometimes have disadvantages such as the devaluation of your website and loss of rankings if you are not careful. It is also important to remember that you can get more help from a professional search engine link-building service. In the long run, this may be the best way to improve your search engine rankings.