PlayStation VR 2 Headset Design Features

The layout of PlayStation VR 2 has been disclosed, and it appears to be several accessibility advantages. Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed details about how it will design its next virtual reality headset in a blog post. 

The information outlines a variety of PlayStation VR 2 design choices which could be helpful to people who want to take advantage of hardware accessibility advantages. You can buy PSVR Prescription Lenses through VR Wave store.

The extensive testing was done on the "variety of sizes of heads" and the users will be able to experience some of the features that were previously available on the PSVR including the balanced weight, stereo headphone jack's position along with the ability to adjust headband.

This time, it is the first time that PlayStation VR 2 will have an adjustable scope that allows users to move or pull the scope's location away from or closer to the face.

The lens adjuster dial has been added to The PlayStation VR 2 which could be beneficial for accessibility since users can adjust the spacing between the eyes in order to optimize their vision. 

The headset itself will be lighter thanks to an improved appearance. The new vent system will aid in letting air out from the headset and prevent fogging.

Other features that were previously revealed in a separate blog post provide the enhanced tracking capabilities of integrated cameras in the headset, which follow the user's movements and controllers, eye-tracking 3D audio, and feedback from the headset's vibration. It also has only one cable.

Although it sounds nice on paper, it will be fascinating to observe how the headset responds to actual-world tests.