How To Use Black Sesame Oil In Self-Massage

Sesame oil has been used for centuries to promote overall wellness and health. Black sesame oil is revered by many cultures. The sesame seed (Sesamum Indicum), which contains high levels of nutrients, has been a symbol for prosperity and good health throughout history.

How To Use Black Sesame Oil in Self-Massage

Heat the Oil: Place the Black sesame oil in a squeeze bottle. Then, heat the bottle in a saucepan of warm water until the oil reaches the right temperature. To ensure that the oil is not too hot, test it before you use it.

black sesame oil

Get oily: Don't dress up. Use a towel to get warm.

Massage scalp, face, and ears with a small amount of oil: Use circular strokes to massage your scalp and forehead. Massage the ears with warm oil.

Massage your Limbs: Use long strokes to massage the limbs. Use circular strokes to move the joints. Don't forget the small joints. Begin at the extremities, and work your way towards the middle of the body.

Massage the Rest Of Your Body: Use long strokes to massage your torso, back and other long areas such as your sides and back. Use circular strokes to massage the abdomen and chest. Massage the breast tissue and armpits is a great way to support healthy breasts.

Take a bath and rinse off the oil: Make sure you don't slip in the warm tub or shower after your self-nurturing treatment.