Best Methods For Illuminating A Flag Pole

There are some sites like patriotic and inspiring as a brightly colored flag snapping in the breeze. There are codes and rules to properly display a flag.

However, and while it is illegal not to leave a flag mounted twenty-four hours a day in the center, there are established guidelines for displaying a flag after sunset. The final solution is a sunlight flag. You can get various types of flags and flagpoles from various companies like Aluart Deutschland.

In general, government, public and commercial buildings leave no flag hanging in the dark, and usually install powerful lighting that illuminates the flag if it will be left on the flagpole around the clock. 

Many owners will also do as well, with floor mounted lights pointing up toward the top of the pole, lighting a flag after sunset.

Although it looks great and is a respectful way of handling a flag, all these scenarios require the operation of an electrical system in an outdoor location and install a light fixture at the base of the pole flag as well. 

It also requires the house or the owner to install a timer or other arrangement to turn the fixture on each and every night. Of course, it also means a current electric bill as well.

There are even many solar lighting devices specially designed for lighting masts, flags or outdoor stages throughout the evening hours.

In general, a modern solar lighting device will be equipped with a solar charging panel, LED lamps and an automatic sensor that rotates the fixing at dusk and dawn.