All About The Laser Wire Stripping in Maple Grove

As the laser power sources have become more commonplace and the sources themselves have become more affordable as well, laser wire stripping service along with service suppliers have become popular. In the space industry, in the 1970s, laser wire stripping services were developed. 

The stripping technique was invented to decrease the chance of damaging the conductors as well as the insulators by with other methods of stripping wires, particularly mechanical methods. The use of lasers for wire stripping was growing more prominent as data cables got more complex and multi-stranded and medical devices used in body equipment included higher quality wire. 

These market requirements for an accurate, quick, and clean method of stripping the wire insulation from the ever-smaller gauge and more complex multi-conductor sets resulted. There are many advantages of laser stripping in comparison to other methods of stripping which have allowed this method to gain popularity. If you are in need you can get the best stripping service of Laser from Proto Lase in Maple Grove.

Laser Wire Stripping - Adapt Laser

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One of the main factors in this type of stripping wire is that it's utilized on high-value electronics and other electronic products with greater value. The advantages of the precision of the stripping, its accuracy, and the reproducibility of this stripping are evident in the numerous positive characteristics of the procedure. There are many times when other methods for stripping wire are inapplicable or unattainable. 

Because of its nature, laser stripping, there are no scratches or nicks that are in mechanical methods, which means the quality of the strip is the best. Laser light is, when used correctly, will reflect off the conductor, eliminating all the insulation without damaging the wire. The stripping process can be used to accommodate ultra-fine gauge wires without causing harm to the wires in the process of stripping.