Absenteeism: A Manual For Management of Absence in The Workplace

Absenteeism is a problem for the majority of businesses, and it can cause employers to lose hundreds to thousands of pounds of income each year. To keep track of your employees leaves, you can use an employee leave management system in your organization.

The first step in trying to address absenteeism is addressing the reasons behind employees not showing up for work or making excuses for absences. In some instances, there might be a valid reason someone isn't attending work. 

In this case, it is important to create a place in which employees can discuss issues or personal concerns in a non-judgmental manner can assist in getting to what is causing the issue quickly, and also allows both parties to come to an agreement on the best way to proceed in the future.

If there's no apparent reason for frequent absences or employees are refusing or ignoring the opportunity to discuss their absence in the workplace, it's essential to raise the issue promptly and in a professional way. 

Absenteeism can be detrimental to the morale of the team and could be costly when it comes to hiring temporary replacements. To reduce unnecessary costs It is recommended to keep track of every employee's attendance. 

Implement systems that require need for a doctor's note are mandatory for sickness that lasts more than three days, and employees must notify their supervisor every when they're absent. Making a case that highlights trends as well as an absence that is not explained, is beneficial should you need to dismiss an absent employee in a fair and legal way.