A Strategy For Chicken Coop Cleaning and Odor Control

There are several ways to overcome the hard work of cleaning the chicken coop and controlling the smell. Some barns are constructed with wire floors or metal bars that allow trash to fall and collect from below. You can also search online to buy chicken coops for sale in Ireland also get free delivery in 32 Countries.

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Many people are not a fan of this design as it is a poor surface for the chickens to walk on and can make it difficult to control the flow in the coop. Another option is to lay the straw on the floor of the cage and easily remove and replace it when needed. 

This method is good, but when the hay gets wet it will smell and add moisture to the cage. Depending on the size of your flock, this may require a daily change of hay to maintain a clean and odor-free environment.

Mostly, the preferred method is sometimes referred to as the drop bed method. With this method, the stall is filled with 4-6 inches of pine sawdust. By collecting the most damaged materials at the bottom of the pile and leaving fresh sawdust on top, an odorless virtual environment can be maintained. 

Over time the level of the mixture will be compressed and new sawdust can be added to increase the level. To speed up the absorption of water, some people add a small amount of DE (diatomaceous earth) food to the surface. Once or twice a year, the mixture can be removed and added to the garden or compost pile.