Commercial Flooring Systems Commonly In Use Today

Commercial floors need strong protection and high-quality coatings to keep the surface in solid shape so accidents don’t happen and the floor is sturdy enough to support everyday workloads.

There are a number of options to choose from when flooring for your building. Knowing the various commercial flooring options available can help you make an informed decision for your property. You can get more information about the ‘
commercial flooring systems via พื้นกระจก’ (also known as ‘ระบบพื้นเชิงพาณิชย์ผ่าน พื้นกระจก‘ in the Thai language).

Reflector Enhancer Flooring Systems set the standard for custom commercial  flooring. Learn more from Elite Cret… | Flooring, Flooring projects,  Metallic epoxy floorHere are some common types of commercial flooring systems in use today.

Dimensional Lumber
One of the most common types of commercial flooring is dimensional lumber.

Typically, this will include three elements:
– Beams
– Joists
– Subfloors

Each of these elements has a specific purpose and function. The beam extends the entire length of the floor and provides strength to the entire system, especially in the middle.

Joists are much shorter and run perpendicular to the beam. Center points should rest upon the beam in order to add stability to the structure. The subfloor is simply a layer of plywood or oriented strand board attached to the joists with glue and screws, with the finished floor on top.

Concrete Systems
Concrete is very popular as a commercial flooring system. The concrete can be easily installed by pouring it into the building frame. In addition to poured concrete, another common system is cast concrete.

Raised Flooring System
Another category of commercial flooring is a raised system. This system is great for classrooms and computer rooms since they allow for easy access to utilities and wiring kept below the floor. There are multiple varieties of these systems, but the use of pedestals to prop up the deck is the most common.

Resilient Flooring Tiles
Several types of resilient tiling are present today in commercial buildings. The first is known as vinyl composition tile (VCT).

Linoleum is a second type of resilient tile. This material is very durable and is enjoying a recent surge in popularity due to its beneficial environmental impact. Once installed, it looks very similar to sheet vinyl.

There is a wide variety of flooring types to choose from for your commercial building. Take into consideration how it is manufactured, installed, and its maintenance profile before making your final decision.